Yakitori Yebisu
Yakitori Yebisu
Ever been to a Japanese Izakaya?
Izakaya, where the beer, sake and sho-chu flow and small plates of food come in abundance
Got a craving for Japanese food?
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Yakitori Yebisu

authentic izakaya-style Japanese restaurant

authentic izakaya-style
Japanese restaurant

Yakitori Yebisu is an authentic izakaya-style Japanese restaurant.
We are conveniently located at the heart of the Sydney CBD right next to Town Hall and the QVB!

IZAKAYA food is well known for its trendy tapas-like dishes.
We serve smaller portions at our restaurant so that you can enjoy a greater variety of selections from our menu.

What's Izakaya?

Another meaning for the word “IZAKAYA” in Japan is “sake dining place”.

Needless to say, we, as an Izakaya, have a great variety of drinks with more than 100 items for you to select. Not only will you find your favourite beer, but you will also find yourself beholding some of the finest Sake, Shochu (or Japanese Vodka) and non-alcoholic Mocktails. Explore and choose your favourites!

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Yakitori Yebisu

Yakitori Yebisu

Trading Hours

Open 7 days
Sun ~ Wed | 12pm ~ 10pm
Thu ~ Sat | 12pm ~ 10:30pm

Job Vacancy

Cook | Floor Manager | Marketing | Sales Manager

Yebisu @ Home

Delivery available by mum's food